WE have been around since 1994 and Beta tested almost any program you can think of and some you would never know as they failed miserably.
The GOOD news is that this experience has taught me how to deal with all types of programs and I currently have about 3,000 of them I use to both work on computers and use everyday.

The first thing EVERY computer needs is a virus scanner
Defender which ships with all versions of windows

Next is a good malware/spyware scanner

Once the pc is protected it is time to protect against ransomware
This is most notably delivered via email and locks you out of your pc till you pay a $500 fee to unencrypt your personal files,but there is NO guarantee they will do that even if you DO pay them.
This works by telling the ransomware that your pc is already infected so it leaves you alone,similar to a flu shot for a pc

The next step is your browser that can be attacked via third party cookies and browser extensions and addons

To remedy this grab a copy of Blackbird it will scan your system and fix any  areas of concern and it is all automatic just press SCAN


Speaking of browsers the fastest way to be infected even with these tools on board is to use either Internet explorer or Edge,as their security is a bad joke so we suggest these



You might have noticed that I did NOT include Chrome in this list as it uses far too many system resources and does NOT update itself automatically, plus Google tracks everything you via Chrome

While MS office has ruled for years other FREE alternatives have been released that are as good or better and save you money.
LIBRE OFFICE It can read and write to ANY MS office file and has the ability to create PDF files on the fly and also allows for file locking to avoid either deletion or editing.

OPEN OFFICE Reads and writes MS office files and is FREE

Everyone who gets a new pc generally has a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, but did you know that this resource HOG can be replaced by a smaller program that does the EXACT same thing


Mobile  Apps

All mobile phones may ship with some cool stuff but they missed some things

First up and one of the most important apps is Lookout which can shut off your phone,wipe it if lost and even help find it even if the ringer is off and as a bonus backs up your data on the fly


The next app that got my attention is a FREE app called Zedge

which has ringtones,notfications and wallpaper in a searchable 




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