I started out in 1994 with a windows 3.1 pc and soon had friends ask for help including one guy who built viruses to see what would happen and often as not find me when it all went wrong.
An early customer had a win 3.1 pc he wanted to put win 95 on,but the local shop told him it could NOT be done, he went off on vacation and when he returned,it was done.
I then began beta testing software for any company looking for testers.
Testers are necessary to weed out bugs and issues within the code before it affected huge numbers of users and as a form of quality control. The great part was when the Beta was done you got a copy of the program FREE,the downside is that if it screwed up your system,it was up to you to fix it.
Then in 2000 got my first official Windows certification for the operating system and have maintained it ever since thru all versions of windows.
In 2004 earned my Microsoft Certified Systems engineer
In 2008 earned my Microsoft Certified Systems Analyist
In 2010 earned my HTML certification
In 2012 earned my Java certification
IN 2014 earned my C++ certification
In 2015 earned my HIPAA Security certification
IN 2016 earned my SQL server certification
IN 2017 earned my HTML5 certification
IN 2018 earned my Python certification

Since 2000 I have written not only my own websites but created other sites as well
Twoofhearts Psychic Readings
Moonlight in Vermont Jewelry

I currently work as IT Manager for Matheson Independent Educational and Training Solutions LLC including day to day support of thousands of clients of their software as well as other compnaies

Southwest Virginia Physical Therapy
Gifford and Gifford Roofing and Construction
Spectrum Rehab

Wellborn rehab

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